SQL is Hard

About Updates

Current Exercises

The first set of exercises is designed around SELECTing data from the database, starting from nothing and progressing through sorting, multiple table JOINs, and data aggregation with methods such as SUM and AVG.

At the moment, I have only added the first few exercises in this set, enough to help me build out the interface and infrastructure. With those in place, I'll be moving on to finish out this first Exercise Set.

Future Exercise Sets

Once the first exercise set is stable, I'm going to move on to defining new sets of exercises. Ideas I've been playing with include:

Mixed in will be additional features, depending on the number of people using the site, levels of experience, and so on. Performance improvements ay prove necessary, additional functionality to support some of the new exercise sets above will probably be required, and some ability to save and review past progress are all items on the backlog.